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The North American release of "City Of Dis", the debut full length from Oakland, CA indie prog thrashers THE MASS, will hit stores on January 4th.

Featuring members of FROM MONUMENTS TO MASSES and TOTIMOSHI, THE MASS deliver unto us a scalding blast of sax-assisted Crimson-meets-Slayer art|thrash|core worship, all light-speed riffing, shrieking vox and burly singing, malevolent soft jazz,insidious tempo shifts, and bloodthirsty dynamics. Disparate shades of No Wave, damaged pop, grindcore, post-punk, thrash metal and math-rock are crafted into a blast of rocking avant-garde fury, pure dissent. Recorded at Louder Studios in San Francisco with producer Tim Green (THE FUCKING CHAMPS, MELVINS). The Crucial Blast release of City Of Dis will feature enhanced CD-Rom video footage not available on the original European release. A US tour will start in early 2005 in support of City Of Dis.



"Slithering into the warped shadows of Mike Patton and his Mr. Bungle (and even Fantomas) brethren, The Mass hurls not only the kitchen sink but the motherfucking garbage disposal into its outrageous mix.  Doom, hardcore and yes, jazz combo blitzkriegs unheard in a few years accent The Mass' flirtatious art metal concoctions.  As obnoxious as it is intoxicating, City of Dis is a buzzbomb of weird and epic proportions." -

"...take crashing drums similar to the style of Dave Batista in John Henry West and add some advent-garde saxophone and let the saxophonist blows some amazingly wicked melodies. The punk musical element might more accurately described as thrash metal but a little Slayer never hurt anyone. There are some math guitar rock going but it's all about the drums and rhythm section." - Punk Planet #66



GENGHIS TRON will be touring the Southeast in January 2005 in support of their upcoming CDEP debut, Cloak Of Love, which will hit stores on February 15th. Check out their tour dates below, and get obliterated when they hit your town! Formed in early 2004, the trio has forged a brutally absurd amalgamation of shredding grindcore, slamming beats, and soaring synth-pop. Think BRUTAL TRUTH in a backalley brawl with DEPECHE MODE and AFRIKKA BAMBAATA. Completely fucked, and ridiculously catchy, like a bizarro NAKED CITY gone ERASURE-style pop. Michael (keyboards, beats, vocals), Hamilton (guitar, drum programming, vocals, theremin), and Mookie (also of NY indie band THE FUGUE and GLITTERPALS, on lead vocals) totally blew us away with their demented demo, and are now in the studio with Colin Marston (INFIDEL CASTRO/BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS) recording Cloak Of Love, their debut CDEP for Crucial Blast, to be released January 2005. Check out the tour-dates here!



"Creativity is not often a word I use when describing grindcore. But sometimes strange things happen. Like Genghis Tron, for example. The music on Cloak of Love can best be described as technogrind and its dynamic shifts from one end of the musical spectrum to the other push the envelope to the point of tearing. Phasing abruptly between moments of mellow downtempo electronica that's quite soothing and lovely and furious cybergrind blastings, Genghis Tron comes off as what Mindless Self Indulgence might sound like if they tried their hand at extreme, heavy as hell grindcore." -

"What do you get when you mix electronic music, math-core style blast beats and brutally intricate guitars? Genghis Tron's "Cloak of Love EP", that's what you get... That befuddled look and idea of 'What the fuck is this?' quickly morphed into an urge to write this review. I mean, wow, this is just... odd... yet oddly entertaining." -