COSMONAUTS 7" on Bad Afro Records

Bad Afro is very proud to introduce the first 7" on the label with an American band. And what a great and especially LOUD release it is. Cosmonauts was formed in 2009 and resides in Orange County in sunny southern California and sound like a bunch of kids that don't like the beach too much and spend their time inside taking drugs and complaining that it never rains. They have a huge buzzing sound that rely on broken amps and not pedals that most bands use to make noise. Derek Cowarts vocals appears as an instrument in itself that resembles the way that David Yow used to influence the sound of Jesus Lizard (although Cosmonauts does not sound like Jesus Lizard). The 7" includes the two exclusive songs, 'Emerald Green' and 'Motorcycle One', and will be released later this year.

Cosmonauts released their great self-titled debut album in 2010 on Permanent Records in Chicago although it was originally released on tape on Burger Records. They also have a 7" out on the Italian label Goodbye Boozy. They have recently completed the recordings of their second album which will be released on Burger Records.

You can listen to the upcoming 7" on the Cosmonauts bandcamp here: 

And there's a video for 'Yer So Rad' from their debut album. Click here to view it.