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CONNY OCHS: Sophomore LP From German Singer/Songwriter To See Release

Following his debut solo album, as well as a collaborative LP with doom legend Scott "Wino" Weinrich, German singer/songwriter CONNY OCHS is now gearing up to release his second solo studio full-length, Black Happy, once again via Exile On Mainstream. Having produced music for over a decade, local fans have endorsed and worshiped the man’s efforts for years. Yet, it was OCHS' album co-written with Wino and the heavy touring across Europe and North America in support of the record that put him on the international map.

This leads into this new album 'Black Happy', the title an absolute indication to the atmospheres CONNY OCHS is able to create. Deeply rooted in the blackened parts of the human soul he carves a mixture of melancholy and catharsis into the rough edges of songs that come out so natural, so organic and sonically sparkling. While keeping his approach pure to the heart and the creation limited to just him and his guitar OCHS reaches a stark authenticity that can only be worshipped. It draws you in, makes you a part of the music and leads to a deep admiration of the tunes, the pain and beauty relatable to everybody who hears them.

Bound to a tradition and history of great acoustic craftsmanship drawn from but not limited to the American continent, CONNY explores the realms of what of your inner self can sonically portray once you are on your own and armed with a guitar and voice. The path has been walked by many before, but that doesn’t make it a worn-out road.

Just like his previous solo album 'Raw Love Songs' and the 'Heavy Kingdom' album with Wino, 'Black Happy' was engineered, mixed and mastered by Thommy Krawallo in Berlin in pure analog fashion. The album is set for official release in Germany on March 1st, throughout the rest of Europe on March 4th, and in North America on April 2nd, on LP, via digital download, and limited wooden box CD. Preorders are available here.

CONNY OCHS is currently embarked on a European tour in advance of the album’s release, with many more live excursions to be confirmed in the coming weeks. View the current list of dates here.


Black Happy Track Listing:

1. Exile

2. No Sleep Tonight

3. Die In Your Arms

4. Faces In The Crowd

5. Stable Chaos

6. Trust In Love

7. Borderline

8. Phantom Pain

9. Lead-Out

10. Blues For My Baby

11. Mouth