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1 - The G.A.T.E.S new CD - Side project of Church Of Misery

2 - CHURCH OF MISERY video online & European tour.

1 - The G.A.T.E.S new CD - side project of Church Of Misery


"RAW SATANIC THRASH DEATH ROCK" band "The G.A.T.E.S." , side project of Church Of Misery bassist Tatsu & previous singer Yoshiaki Negishi, has just released first album entitled "Total Death" from Diwphalanx Records, distributed by Leaf Hound Records.


"The G.A.T.E.S." was formed summer of 2002,to play the music inspired by Motorhead & Tank. Soon they got drummer Fukawa (Sonic Flower,ex.Bleed For Pain, ex.Desperate Corruption), and guitarist Futatsugi (Life,ex-Antiauthorize) . His metalic guitar play was led the band to more hardcore direction like Discharge. They release only a LP "Total High Society Satanic Rocks" split with Metal Skull in 2003, it sold out in 2 weeks.


After the LP release,follow by extremely hard to find demo tape, only handful copies were sold in very limited store. They did first & last gig in spring 2003.After the gig,"The G.A.T.E.S." was disbanded. After a year, we got many request of "the re-release of the album" from all over the world, and finally here is the first time to catch their sound for overseas Church Of Misery fans. "Total Death" contains all tracks from the split album,demo tape.

(please access www.leafhound.com for more details)


2 - Church Of Misery video online & European tour.


Church Of Misery have uploaded a video for "Filth Bitch Boogie" at official web site. The clip was filmed in Tokyo, and produced by Atsuo (Boris). According to the band, Church Of Misery will attack Europe in September to October. The tour details has not confirmed yet, they will go to Germany, Austria, France, and England.

Video Clip http://www.d7.dion.ne.jp/~church/audio.html

(please access www.leafhound.com  for more details)