CENTURIONS GHOST start working on new album and more

Its been a while since our last update so here goes...
First up, we recently recorded three new songs at Russ Russells studio in Kettering. Track titles are...
Fourth Stronghold
The Wizard Of Edge
Hyena Circle.  
'The Wizard Of Edge' has been uploaded to our myspace site (www.myspace.com/centurionsghost), its one heavy ass slab of metal for sure!  Go ave a listen and let us know what you reckon!  Also, I was informed today that 'The Wizard Of Edge' will feature in next weeks Kerrang playlist!
These demo tracks have been recorded in preparation for the recording of our third album, the title of which is yet to be confirmed.  It is also still to be confirmed which tracks will make the recording so keep an eye on our myspace
(www.myspace.com/centurionsghost) and forum (www.hellridemusic.com/centurionsghost) for further updates. The third album is shaping up to be massive, pure frostian heaviness and aggression brought to you in the trademark CENTURIONS GHOST crushing style!
You have been warned!!!!

We're currently working on designs for new merch, hopefully these will all be finished and available for the upcoming Coverge tour so again watch out for further updates on our myspace page and our forum. Here are the tourdates!
Till the next time!
Keep it real, keep it steel!