1. In the Summer of 2008, both "Command Of The New Rock" and "Electricism"of GENEROUS MARIA will be re-born on vinyl. Tornado Ride Records will release both albums on 12" under exclusive license from Buzzville Records. The albums will feature the orginal artwork of Malleus.

2. DEVILLE (S) and CORTEZ (US) are part of the free digital sampler of the Generated X webzine that was released in March 2008. The 14 track sampleralso includes songs from e.g. Fuzz Manta, Graveyard, Mojo Jazz Mob,… For more info:

3. New upcoming releases: NINE POUND HAMMER: Buzzville Records is pleased to announce the release of the NINE POUND HAMMER album "Sex, Drugs & Bill Monroe" on June, 6th. Three years after their first studio release in nearly a decade, the critically acclaimed "Kentucky Breakdown", NINE POUND HAMMER is finally reaping the rewards of 18 years of hard work and hard livin’! Now founding members Scott Luallen and Blaine Cartwright (Grammy-nominated lead singer of Nashville Pussy) are back with a powerhouse new release, "Sex, Drugs & Bill Monroe". Fourteen new Hammer anthems, including a rousing cover of John Anderson's 'Black Sheep'. Known for their steamroller brand of buzzsaw guitar country-punk and energetic live shows, these hellacious, garage rock shit-stompers like it loud and dirty. The European release of "Sex, Drugs & Bill Monroe" will be available from Buzzville Records from June, 6th onwards. To promote the new album, NINE POUND HAMMER will tour Europe. Check the dates here at the Europe tourdates-section

4. SPACE PROBE TAURUS: Buzzville Recors is pleased to announce the release of the SPACE PROBE TAURUS debut album. SPT are an acid fuzz rock band, formed back in 1992 under the name Snake Machine. The name change came in 1997 when the band started playing shorter dirty rock songs with catchy choruses instead of the 7-8minutes long spacerock trips they did before.The band have mostly been compared (musically) to bands like Mudhoney, The Stooges, MC5 & Blue Cheer. The music is heavily influenced by the late 60's psych rock scene as well as the fuzzed out rock instrumentals used in biker movies from that same era. The bands debut album features the bonus track "She-Wolf, Baby!", a song that was originally recorded for the movie "Hollywood She-Wolf". The album will be released on July, 4th. 

5. New signing: Buzzville Records is pleased to announce the signing of French heavy rockers GLOWSUN. The trio from Lille (France) presented their demo"Lost Love" in 2005 and is currently finishing their debut 9 track album "The Sundering". Johan Jaccob (guitar/vocals), Ronan Chiron (bass) and Fabrice Cornille (drums) are planning their release for September/October 2008.