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Bro Fidelity Records To Release TTTDC 'Greatest Hits'

TTTDC are a band from Melbourne Australia. Two down-tuned guitars, drums, and singing. Three musicians, two brothers, and a musical landscape entirely of their own creation. With each member bringing the combined experience of other long-standing Melbourne bands SOTIS, Peeping Tom and Wicked City, TTTDC’s music amounts to no less than a soundtrack for the emancipation of modern rock music; a sonic sleeping pill for tired and strung-out free thinking fans of the riff; a galactic oasis of rock n’ roll freedom.

Forming in 2011, TTTDC immediately established themselves as one of Melbourne’s finest and most interesting exponents of the riff, with the band having already shared stages with The Atomic Bitchwax (US), Legends of Motorsport, Nunchukka Superfly, Harmony, Batpiss, Looking Glass, DEAD, and X (Aus) just to name a few.

‘Greatest Hits’ was recorded live on a rainy Monday at the Tote hotel in Melbourne. The vocals were then recorded the following day, and the job was done. An attentive listener will quickly gather the breadth of musical landscape covered by this record, as well as the emphasis on tone, melody, dissonance, heaviness, and a total disregard for the stifling trickery that many bands fall foul of in the modern studio. What you hear is what was played on the day, nothing more, and nothing less.

Mixing everything from 70s prog, doom, heavy rock, psychedelia and lounge, ‘Greatest Hits’ is at once baffling and delightful to the ear. A bold first statement from a band whose only goal is liberation of the mind and body through music.