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Brainticket Records To Release 3rd LAS CRUCES Album 'Dusk'

"A very long wait but finally our ears are graced with a new album from Texas DOOM METAL lords, LAS CRUCES! This is molten lead weight doom metal but never sticking to just one formula. You get the absolute pummeling old style Trouble doom in tracks like 'Dusk', 'Banished', and the satanic witch doom of 'Killing Fields'. But LAS CRUCES knows how to rock like f-ing hell while keeping the low end and bulldozer mentality. Just witness the blow outs on 'Revelations' and 'Cocaine Wizard Woman'. Plenty of old school San Antonio Joe Anthony rock influences creep into some of the songs, but above all this band plays it all in the HEAVIEST of fashions making for simply one of the most enjoyable head bashings I've had in quite some time. Welcome back lads now lets' get to crushing some skulls!! Get it yee worshippers of old Trouble, Black Sabbath, Solitude Aeturnus, Pentagram, Vitus, Blood of the Sun, Iron Man, etc..."

John Perez/Brainticket