Brainbangers' Ball Tour w/ ROTOR, SEVEN THAT SPELLS and NEUME

This October is going to see a real heavy rock/psychedelic rock explosion when on October 14th in Jena, Germany, Rotor, together with Seven That Spells and Neume will start the Brainbangers’ Ball 2011 tour. With motorik grooves and instrumental soul food served by Rotor, with Seven That Spells’s psychedelic rock from the 23rd century and Neume’s two headed noise hydra, Germany, Austria, Croatia and The Netherlands will be echoing for a while led by the waves of three most unique psychedelic/heavy/noise rock bands at the moment. Check the tour dates here.

There will be given free tickets away (three per city, to be precise) for those who are willing to help in spreading the word out about this tour and the gigs in particular. So if you are fast enough, if you are enthusiastic enough, feel free to drop an email to info (at) prog-sphere (dot) com and we will discuss further.