Black Widow Records to release three DEATH ROW albums

Black Widow Records is working about an album of old material of the band DEATH ROW. The album is titled 'Alive In Death' and contains old originals demos of the band and incredible killer live material, incl. tracks from 'Death is Alive 81-85' album. A second release will be the DVD/LP/CD of the reunion gig of 2001. The third will be a new studio album. The legend lives on!

Here's the DEATH ROW short story: In 1981 Bobby Liebling (Pentagram) met guitarist Victor Griffin. "It was Halloween when drummer Joe Hasselvender first introduced Bobby to Victor Griffin", a guitarist for a band called DEATH ROW.

Victor had fallen in love with Bobby vocals and was looking for a vocalist at the time. The band got Martin Swaney to play Bass. Marty played bass with earlier Pentagram. DEATH ROW recorded 3 incredible demos, played many terrific local shows during 81-85 and later they changed their name to Pentagram.