Black Widow Records To Release DEATH ROW's 'Alive In Death'

The new album by DEATH ROW will be released soon on Black Widow Records. 'Alive In Death' is an excellent collection of previously unreleased demos, rehearsal and live recordings.

'Alive In Death' tracklist:

Disc 1:

Death Row (1981 demo)

Dying World (1981 demo)

Sinister (1981 demo)

War Pigs (1981 demo)

NIB (1981 demo)

Into The Void (1981 demo)

Whore (rehearsal)

The World Will Love Again (rehearsal)

Madman (rehearsal)

The Ghoul (live @ Big Dipper 04MAR83)

Disc 2:

*Death Row

*All Your Sins

*The Deist

*The Ghoul

*Committed To Vengeance


*Run My Course

*Evil Seed

*Through The Shadow

*live at Bundulee's - Knoxville, Tenn. 03SEP82

The World Will Love Again (live 1983)