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BLACK ELK West Coast Dates & European Tour

Portland's noiserock beasts BLACK ELK have announced a stream of Autumn tour dates, including a string of West Coast US dates with The Jesus Lizard! Directly following that they forge across the Atlantic for an intensive, month-long European excursion through the beginning of December.

BLACK ELK's latest release 'Always A Six, Never A Nine' was unleashed last October on Crucial Blast Records. Go here for the US dates and here for the European dates. Watch for more news from this facebreaking rock unit.

"...Black Elk have gone from Jesus Lizard-like rock saviours to hardcore/sludge enthusiasts. As evidenced by this, their sophomore release, front-man Tom Glose’s vocals are even more unhinged, and the group’s musicality now approaches the crash’n’burn dynamics of Kiss It Goodbye." - Exclaim!

"...Always a Six, Never a Nine, is a gooey amalgam of bands and genres crawling over each other, and it’s not hard to find something you'll recognize. But just because you know what’s in a Snickers, does that make it any less delicious?" - Decibel

"Black Elk is less about metallics, and more about crush-grooving; a layered dirty stomp occasionally psyched out." - MetalReview.com