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BEEHOOVER Upcoming Schedule

1. ALBUM: Our new longplayer 'Concrete Catalyst' is out there in a shop near you or waiting at www.beehoover.com/shop.html  to be ordered online. Available as CD or LP.

2. REVIEWS: People that have listened to the album have sometimes commented on it, for example here: www.beehoover.com/review.html 

3. GIGS: Three more gigs to go this year, probably not of any interest for you, but anyway, here are the dates:

09.12 Kassel (Karoshi)

10.12. Leipzig (UT Connewitz)

11.12. Nürnberg (Kunstverein)

4. TOUR: There will be a two week European tour next year in March. We don't know yet where we'll go but we'll tell you before.

5. SHOP: There are all sorts of things waiting to be bought in our online shop at www.beehoover.com/shop.html