BASTARD PRIEST: 'Under The Hammer Of Destruction' Out Now On Pulverised

BASTARD PRIEST spew a finely honed, stomach-churning and downright offensive fusion of hardcore, punk and death metal. The band's 'Under The Hammer Of Destruction' debut features 11 soul-soiling tracks including a cover of "En Hälsning Från Helvetet" from Swedish crust punk legends Bombanfall.

Disturbingly obscene, hateful and hellish; this is BASTARD PRIEST. There is no compromise.

Under The Hammer Of Destruction Track Listing:

1. Blasphemy From Hell

2. Visions Of Doom

3. Evil Pain

4. Total Mutilation

5. Power Of Death

6. Chock

7. Under The Hammer Of Destruction

8. From Beyond

9. Merciless Insane Death

10. Graveyard Sacrifice

11. En Hälsning från Helvetet

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