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BAD AFRO RECORDS will re-release first BABY WOODROSE album

'Blows Your Mind' is the classic debut album by BABY WOODROSE originally released in 2001 on main man Lorenzo Woodrose' own label Pan Records. Lorenzo wrote the songs and played all the instruments himself and although the sound is more lo-fi than usual on a BABY WOODROSE album the songs are among the best he ever wrote.

'Blows Your Mind' was originally issued on vinyl on a Spanish label in 2001. There is believed to be 1500 copies in circulation and the album is now a much sought after collectors item going for insane prices on E-bay.

'Blows Your Mind' will now be re-issued on vinyl on Bad Afro Records on March 17th 2008. The album has been mastered by Jürgen Hendlmeier (the original version was never mastered) and is wrapped in a stunning 350 gsm gatefold sleeve with original artwork by Malleus.

The artwork by Malleus has caused controversy recently. The printer in Germany denied to print the sleeve due to the fact that they found it to be too offensive! So now an erotic drawing is censored in a time when pornography is mainstream!!?? Welcome to 2008.