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Bad Afro Records: Two new singles out at the end of March

THE MOJOMATICS – Don’t Believe Me When I Am High 7”/Download

THE MOJOMATICS from Venice in Italy have released three albums, the latest being 'Don’t Pretend That You Know Me' from 2008. They have played hundreds of concerts across Europe and is becoming known as one of the coolest garage rock bands from around here.

Well, garage might not be the right term as THE MOJOMATICS heap together hillbilly blues, old country, folk and bluegrass, inject it with the melody of British Invasion pop, and fire it all out with the breakneck energy of the best garage/punk/rock n’ roll. And they know how to write a simple but great pop tune.

THE MOJOMATICS have recorded two exclusive songs with this single in mind in their own studio Outside Inside. The upbeat 'Don’t Believe Me When I’m High' is backed by the rootsier 'A Fact I Forget' and the single will be released as 7” vinyl and download March 30th, 2009.

The 7” is the first release on Bad Afros sublabel Bad Afro International.



THE DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT - Our Brave New World 7"/Download

THE DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT formed in late 2002 in the inner surrounds of Sydney, Australia. They have two brilliant albums out, 'Electric Sunshine' and 'A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine', both released in 2006. A third album is in the making which will be released in the spring on Off The Hip in Australia and in the fall 2009 on Bad Afro International elsewhere.

THE DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT is influenced by late 60´s garage, psychedelia and West coast folk. Main man Daniel Poulter writes beautiful and well-crafted songs and beneath the psychedelic and colourful surface Dolly Rocker is simply a great pop band with a destinctive sound of their own.

'Our Brave New World' is their first release outside Australia and the song is taken from the upcoming album while the flipside 'Mystery Man' is exclusive to this single that will be released as limited edition 7" vinyl and download March 30th, 2009.

The Bad Afro sublabel Bad Afro International will release the third Dolly Rocker album 'Our Days Mind The Time' in the fall in connection with their first visit to Europe. But already in the spring 2009 the two first Dolly Rocker albums will be released on the label as digital download.

'Why isn't any band in America making music this beautiful?' - Greg Shaw (R.I.P.) Bomp Records upon hearing the first Dolly Rocker Movement demo cassette.