Bad Afro Records release schedule 2009

Below is a list of the releases on Bad Afro next year. 2009 will also see the launch of Bad Afro International which will be a sub label for non-Scandinavian releases. Bad Afro will still be in focus but the sub label will release a few records every now and then. First releases on Bad Afro International will be 7”s by THE MOJOMATICS from Italy and THE DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT from Australia - both due out in the spring. More on this subject later.

FRO 048          Serena-Maneesh – Montrose Cadaveric 7”/Download (19.01.09)

AFROLP036     The Setting Son – Spring of Hate LP/CD/Download (01.03.09)

BARINT001      The Mojomatics – Don’t Believe Me When I am High 7”/Download (spring 2009)

BARINT002      The Dolly Rocker Movement – Our Brave New World 7”/Download (spring 2009)

FRO 049          Baby Woodrose/The Setting Son – split 7” (fall 2009)

AFROLP038     Baby Woodrose – TBA LP/CD/Download (fall 2009)

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