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BABY WOODROSE/DOLLHOUSE split 7" finally out

Yes, a new print of this single has finally arrived and was sent out to mailorders and distributions today. The 7" is already sold out and will not be reprinted so check out your local dealer right now!

BABZ WOODROSE perform “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” – a song initially intended to be included on the album “Love Comes Down” but never did since the drum tracks mysteriously dissapeared while working in the studio (maybe due to the song title?). The song was completed later and is definitely one of the toughest Baby Woodrose songs heard in years.

DOLLHOUSE from Sweden released their second album in 2007 called “The Royal Rendezvous” which was produced by Nicke Hellacopter. They recorded “Set Me Free” with this release in mind and once again they deliver their special brand of groovy and soulful rock’n’roll with full force.

Both songs are exclusive to this release which also features original artwork by Kiryk. Limited to 470 copies on black vinyl. Download only at www.klicktrack.com