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AT A LOSS RECORDINGS summer update!

MINSK have signed with AT A LOSS RECORDINGS and upcoming STINKING LIZAVETA US-tour.


Many moons ago a MINSK demo reached the office of At A Loss Recordings deep in the woods of Crownsville thanks to Brian of Meatjack / Darsombra fame. Contact was made and time passed. A new communication was conveyed to At A Loss by Rwakes own transmitter of low end - Reid. It indicated investigation of new sonic evolution by Minsk was mandatory! Eardrums were ruptured, contact was made, souls were sold, and now At A Loss Recordings is proud to annouce the release of MINSK's first full length "Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead Nor Alive". The street date is August 30th of the year 2005. MINSK is doing a short tour in Sept / Oct. Tentative dates are the following:


Sept. 28th  Cleveland @ TBA

Sept. 29th  Pittsburgh / Philadelphia PA @ TBA

Sept. 30th  Baltimore, MD / Philadelphia, PA @ TBA

Oct. 1st      Washington, DC @ Warehouse Next Door

Oct. 2nd     Brooklyn, NY @ North Six w/ Unearthly Trance

Oct. 3rd      Harrisonburg, VA @ TBA

Oct. 4th      Wilmington / Hickory, NC @ TBA

Oct. 5th      Asheville, NC @ TBA

Oct 6th       Nashville, TN @ TBA

Oct. 7th      Louisville, KY @ TBA

Oct. 8th      Dayton, OH / Indianapolis, IN @ TBA

Anywhere there is a "TBA" and you can help out please get in touch with Greg.






STINKING LIZAVETA will hit the road again in August after already completing a series of shows in both May and June. These included dates with Darediablo, Sleepy Time Guerilla Museum, Gogol Bordello, and a appearance at this years ever infamous Emissions from the Monolith 7. On several of the August dates STINKING LIZAVETA will be accompanied by the Gypsy Hands Tribal Bellydancers. These are shows not to be missed. STINKING LIZAVETA is currently supporting their latest release "Caught Between Worlds". Here are the tour-dates!