AT A LOSS Recordings - January 06 updates!


+ MINSK tours S.E.


+ BLACK COBRA New Full Length

+ BARONESS / UNPERSONS Split Full Length

STINKING LIZAVETA is currently rocking the UK on a headlining tour and will be touring the UK again immediately afterwards opening for Clutch and COC for a few weeks. Here you can find the tour-dates!



The members of MINSK decided it would be a good idea to escape the snow and frigid temperatures of winter in Illinois.  A tour of the SE was decided the best way to accomplish this task. Go here for the tour-dates!



Look for a DARSOMBRA's first full length "Ecdysis" to be released March 28th.



The duo BLACK COBRA [ex. (-16-) and Cavity] will release their first full length "Bestial" on At A Loss Recordings in 2006. They are in the process of booking a short tour at the beginning of April. This will be from New York City, NY to LA, CA. If you can be of any help please contact the following:




BARONESS and UNPERSONS are two fine examples of why At A Loss Recordings loves Savannah, GA.  We are fortunate indeed to release a new split full length with both bands on it in 2006.