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Alone Records To Celebrate 10th Anniversary

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary, and we want to celebrate it performing three concerts in Spain and one in Portugal with a large representation of our bands. For this special occasion each band will prepare a set according to the event, and we will be accompanied by:


The 10th anniversary tour will visit Granada, Madrid, Bilbao and Porto the following dates: 20 and 21 May, 4 and 11 June. Soon we will confirm the lineup for each night and the clubs and allocation of dates with cities.

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EL PÁRAMO will begin to record their upcoming album in April

We are also celebrating that in less than a month El Paramo will enter in the studio to record their second album, and once again it will have the Alone Records' label. This new album is anticipated, almost since they released their debut, because we were more than a few who were surprised and dazzled by the amazing mixture and perfect combination of heavy rock, psychedelic, progressive and metal where nothing overruns; what we missed in that album were more songs to taste and fortunately we´ll have the chance to enjoy their new instrumental trip before the end of the year.

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ADRIFT will visit the recording studio after summer

The bombshell that was 'Monolito' will be continued. The band, that shares members with El Paramo, has something else in common with them, and that is the capital expectation that their previous album created. Three years have passed since then and we know about the experience and maturity gained by the band, so we are eager to hear new music from one of the most devastating bands on stage, brutal and powerful on the headphones and compact in sound and treatment of tracks.

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