Alone Records: ORTHODOX's New Live Video Is Online

The bound ones of Seville, ORTHODOX, recently blasted all their ancestral musical force at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Fortunately for those who could not see this amazing performance, we are glad to share it with you with this music video that captures the essence of this unique band.

The shots in this audiovisual piece, masterfully conducted by Aram Garriga (American Jesus, Introspective, Cuzo "Scala Rossa", etc) faithfully conveys all the tension and rawness that emanates from the stage when these penitents hidden under black robes appear.

Watch the video HERE.

On top of this the sound, after a brief martial intro extracted from their album 'Sentencia', comes directly from the stage's PA system. The band is performing the opening track of their first album 'Gran Poder': 'Geryon's Throne'… for those who are not familiar with it, there are plenty of elements of the band's hallmark: oppressive drums, solemn guitars and an anguish voice that bursts in from the deepest yearnings of the human soul.