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The new and long awaited 4th album from the Seville-based band will be released in March 2011 The 5 tracks albm uses the experience gained in their previous works to reinterpret their own language again adding more nuances and persevering in their current house brand that makes them genuine and inimitable. This time the band has concentrated all its strength and sound imagery into pieces, where 3 of the 5 songs included do not come over the six minutes, which means a new spin on his particular way of presenting the tracks, once long and dense and now intense and concentrated. Submiting their indomitable sound to this format has provided each track a metal accent that in some way separates this album from their recent record steps. The first track is an introduction that take us back to the essence of the band, in a way that we can quickly identify their sound.

On the second track we go back to the days of 'Gran Poder'- their first album-, and from there the band explore their roots and leave behind their research of a new sound, their search for changes in their language and the emerging psychedelic progressive cut that was given in their previous work 'Sentencia'. In 'Baal' the band regains the best of its two facets, the most intense and metal side and also the side where they flirted with the free-jazz along tracks that last more than 20 minutes and that endowed the band a texture and density unique for a musical trio. We can say without risk of error, that this fourth album sums up all the attributes picked by the band during their short career, places them in a new starting point and gives them a spectacular projection, because even with all this, their sound and musical ideas have yet to travel even far away than what have been shown until now.

1- Alto Padre - 5:49
2- Taurus - 4:59
3- Intromantes - 8:56
4- Hanin Ba´al - 5:50
5- Ábrase la Tierra - 14:02

DAMO SUZUKI & CUZO - Puedo Ver Tu Mente

March will see on the stores an album signed by the the spanish band Cuzo and the krautrock icon Damo Suzuki (Member of the legendary Can with whom he recorded their most important records - 'Tago Mago', 'Future Days', 'Soundtracks', 'EgeBamyasi' ). The album is the first live recording that featured together one of the most important european progressive and psychedelic band with an artist who is referential to that same worldwide since 40 years ago.

The recording is a jam that lasts over an hour and is divided in three parts. and after the first listen it seems quite clear that if we had not been physically there will eventually be inexcusable to go to the more than possible joint tour that they will offer to support the release. Boundless creativity, virtuosity and excesses, flashes of rock, punk attitude and impossible developments is what we find in this work intended to affect the listener from the first minute, and they really succeed. During the month of May Damo Suzuki and Cuzo will be presenting their work in Europe.

1- Puedo Ver Tu Mente - 17:48
2- Tiempo que no tiene ojos en medio - 11:14
3- Billete Sencillo Para Dos - 7:19

BIG SEXY NOISE - Big Sexy Noise

Alone Records is proud to present the vinyl edition of the Big Sexy Noise album, the project that has joined Lydia Lunch and members of Gallon Drunk, a band formed by musicians who have been part of bands like Spiritualized, Madness, Faust, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Siouxsie & The Banshees . We are talking of a supergroup that defines itself based on a strong and primary rooty hard rock that extracts its influences from a dirty and raw blues that mixes perfectly with the atmosphere of a smoky jazz club. As the prestigious musical "The Wire" wrote, Big Sexy Noise is ideal for those who think that musical projects like Grinderman doesn´t reach far enough in terms of intensity, strength and ferocity. The vinyl edition will come out late next February and features a great surprise, a DVD with a live performance by the band.

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CUZO & DAMO SUZUKI - Puedo Ver Tu Mende

EYEHATEGOD - Preaching The End-Time Message / Dopesick

WARDRUNA - Gap Var Ginnunga

BIG SEXY NOISE - Big Sexy Noise