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404 NOT FOUND searching for label contract!

First, here's a brief history about 404 NOT FOUND:

Following the 1998 breakup of the cult and seminal power four-piece VANEXA, drummer Silvano Bottari and bassist Sergio Pagnacco planned to quit the music biz. A few years later, however, they met lead singer GianMarco Cabras who introduced them to his friend, Balcanian guitar wizard Artan Selishta, and a new project was launched.


To say that words like "unique" and "peculiar" are often abused when describing music is to state something obvious; but, as a matter of fact, to pretend to apply these same words to the sound created by the diverse configurations put on by this Italian band over the last three years plus would be an understatement. No doubts there are several antecedents to their music; to deny this of any artist's work would be akin to say that he's deaf. What's for sure is that 404 NOT FOUND have certainly broken new ground in the heavy rock blues psych valley where they toil.


Here is a truly 21st century experimental ethnic music that explores quietness and stasis... in the same way that musicians of the second half of the 20th century discovered amplification, noise and speed.


You can DOWNLOAD a sample song from our website  http://www.404notfound.org/songs/Armless.mp3


for request and info please send an email to: