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10th ROADBURN Festival !

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

The mighty ELECTRIC WIZARD will headline the extra heavy stage. Also on the bill are über-metal, riff terrorizers HIGH ON FIRE, the high-octane rawk'n'roll of ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY and drone-lords SUNN 0))).

Meanwhile, over to the space rock stage, headliners: SPACE RITUAL - the band was formed in 2001 to revive the lost magic, the truly interstellar spirit of Hawkwind, of which the band were all members, and this will be Space Ritual's first ever gig on the European mainland.As if this wasn't enough, on the space rock stage there will also be thecooler-than-thou breezy, desert grooves of BRANT BJORK & THE BROS, ASTROSONIQ's interstellar madness and the classic space rock of LITMUS.


On the heavy 70's stage: Belgium's premier rawk trio HULK, England's heavy 70's merchants JOSIAH, Belgium'sheavy psych purveyors HYPNOS 69, former Kyuss co-founder & bassist Chris Cockrell's VIC DU MONTE'S IDIOT PRAYER and one more band to be confirmed (BLACK MOSES). Plus, heavy 70's After Party with ORANGE SUNSHINE .


Holland's major network, VPRO will pull off a live-coverage [i.e. live - and on demand webcasts] of this year's legendary annual Roadburn Festival which brings together riff-rock legends, fans, and music journalists from all over the world, all thirsting for hard rockin' action in a genuinely psychedelic, mind-blowing venue.


Prepare for the opportunity of a lifetime to partake of the heavy rock gathering of the millennium, as underground music lovers converge in a raising of musical consciousness and brotherly and sisterly love, to commune as one with thee MIGHTY RIFF, to get high en mass, PREPARE FOR SONIC OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!... Tickets are already on sale.


Info: www.roadburn.com