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ZORRO (First Race) 10"/MCD

I didn't expect much when I put the disc of this Swiss trio into my player. The drummer played formerly in Hell Mute, a band which leaves me cold, too. But hey, it didn't sound so worse after all my negative critics, but on the other hand it doesn't impresses me that much. ZORRO plays straight-forward melancholic catchy punky heavy rock 'n' roll. But a song as "Princess" is close to Suicidal Tendencies, especially the vocals are close to the ST vocalist, whose name I've forgotten during the past years. Oh no, it was Mike Muir. The promo infos tells me that ZORRO invested hours in search for a big, powerful sound but I think, they haven't invested not enough time for this search. In opposite to other bands, which are playing the same kind of music, this band sound as the light-version of them. I miss emotions as anger and a forceful drive and things like this, that are absolutely necessary for good R 'n' R music. Ok, "First Race" was their demo and Jack Endino will produce their upcoming full-length, but what does this means in 2003 ? For my personal taste, ZORRO are sounding much to friendly, average and lovely and I can't smell any burning rubber or sweat. The label is Middle Class Pig Records and for actual new check out the ZORRO website.