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ZED (Feed The Lie) CD

Basically, I'm certainly bored with bands who feel closely connected to later Neurosis or Isis. As is so often the case, what was once new and innovative becomes sooner or later the next underground mainstream trend. And what has it to do with Germany's ZED? Similar to Neurosis, the music of ZED is like a massive mountainous soundcape, but definitely no rip-off. That's one of the reasons, why I really like 'Feed The Lie', despite my serious concerns about this whole "post-metal-post-rock" thing. The music of ZED is beyond it and it reaches much further. If there would be any kind of comparison, I rather would compare it to the musical build ups and explorations found in bands like later Godflesh, Unsane and, of course, Neurosis. Don't get me wrong, ZED does not sound like the aforementioned bands at all, but they have just as ingenious intense build ups and moving in their music. Finding beauty in heaviness. Something like this.

And they really rock more than any other "post-metal" band. Well, maybe because, ZED started as instrumental psychedelic rock band. These guys know when to churn of heavy riffs, and they also know when to turn it down a notch with semi-melodic riffage or subtle tonalities as well. The bass just ripples and pulsates throughout the album like a buzzsaw with soothing and hypnotic perfection. The drumming is just absolutely powerful and infectious throughout. Monumental riffs, powerful movements, and good use of dynamics help create an atmosphere that the listener not only hears, but feels. Not to mention that 'Feed The Lie' has been recorded live. And not only all seven songs have been wonderfully arranged, but also the complete packaging is quite exceptional. The silkscreen cover looks like a small book and is made of a thick cardboard. All in all, ZED deserves more attention, and 'Feed The Lie' is a pretty good start as well as their appearance at last year's Stoned from the Underground in 2009.