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ZEBULON (Volume One) CD/LP

I think, that these four guys put a lot of work into their songs and you can hear that they know how to handle their instruments, but sometimes it isn't enough when the arrangements and riffs of the songs are on that typical mediocre level. There are so much bands, playing this kind of pseudo-energetic heavy Rock 'n' Roll without having an own identity and it's the same with this Swedish band.

After listening to the ten songs of "Volume One" it's like as if one had listen to one big song. I miss intensity and passion, that this kind of music needs and it's like as if I have heard it a thousand times before but in a convincing way. I'm sorry to say, but this album is a real bore and maybe ZEBULON should change something. Better check out the last Hangnail or Roadsaw album. At least, I want to mention again that you must decide for yourself if you need "Volume One" or not.