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When I think, there's no new band around, which can surprise me, I found this demo CD-R in my mailbox. I was a bit disappointed about a missing cover, but at least it's the music that counts. To start with some usual informations, ZEBULON PIKE are an instrumental US-based band, hailing from Minneapolis , which were formed in 2002 by guitarist Erik Fratzke and drummer Erik Bolen. Both were inspired in equal parts by 70's bands like Pentagram, Mountain or Captain Beyond, and progressive rock acts as King Crimson, Univers Zero or Magma. Another influence are 2oth century classical musicians as Alban Berg or Alfred Schnittke. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? And ZEBULON PIKE keeps the promise, and have mixed all this together with a very special own note. So let's slip into the details. After the first spins, one can realize very quick that this band is brilliant with riffs. Not that kind of pseudo-heavy-second-hand-riffing, no both guitarist are building a massive structure with weighty and remarkable chords.

The different use of loud/quiet dynamics emphasis the intensity of the music and connected with the almighty doomed riffs, ZEBULON PIKE are creating a fascinating atmosphere. Three of the five presented songs are reaching nearly the ten minute mark, but not sounding endless and boring. Most of the songs are slow and mid-tempo, only in one moment a faster part breaks through. Although this demo was recorded live to 4 track tape with no overdubs at the band's rehearsel space in Febuary 2003, the sound quality is still very enjoyable and I wonder how powerful this band must sound, if they got the chance to enter a studio. This band belongs to my personal underground faves, and if there would be a "Cosmiclava-underground-band-of-the-month-review" ZEBULON PIKE are my canidates for May 2003. They are playing very heavy music with the obvious influences, combined with the approach of Art/Progrock or Post-Rock, without losing the talent for hooks. This is definitely one of my first top-underground bands of 2003, and I hope they will be signed asap. Check out the ZEBULON PIKE homepage for current infos.