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YAWNING MAN (Pot Head) 10"/MCD

Alone Records opens the next chapter of the historic YAWNING MAN-files in form of a 10"/MCD, which contains  four new songs. Once again, the band is making it possible that the desert sun will rise in your room and a warm summer wind is blowing through your head. The liquid guitar-playing of Gary Arce is like watching into a sonic kaleidoscope; a lot of different sounds are melting into  each other and suddenly something new is there, without losing structure and form. The use of reverb, distortion and feedback could remind the listener to Neil Young's  soundtrack for 'Dead Man', but YAWNING MAN have their own thing going on here. Still , their instrumental tunes are very hypnotic, and skinsman Alfredo Hernandez and bassist Billy Cordell are building a tight and solid foundation for Gary Arce multiple guitar-sounds.

I wouldn't be surprised, if  the group recorded 'Pot Head' completely live in the studio without any overdubs and stuff, and the natural and pure production emphasis the spontaneous feel, which is shining through all tracks. Just check out the last track 'Samba de Primavera', when he plugs in his guitar, while bass and drum a re playing some sort of jazz-like groove, and you'll understand the magic of their music. In opposite to the excellent album 'Rock Formations', this time YAWNING MAN added a slight experimental edge to their music, and the entire mood is darker, but still hot enough to melt away the ice on a cold winter day. That's what I call "the real desert rock"! So, if you like the first album as much as I do, you have to get 'Pot Head'! Excellent music from an outstanding band, which have nothing in common with heavy "stonerrock" or whatever you want to call it...