WYTCHCRAFT (To Die In The Arms Of Winter) MCD-R

A lot has changed for German prog doomsters WYTCHCRAFT since the release of their self-titled demo CD-R in 1999. At that time, the band was only a two-piece but one year later they found with Kai Tubbesing (ex-Dead Svan Dark) a new vocalist and as I've mentioned it in the other WYTCHCRAFT review, bass-player Eric Asmussen (ex-Twilight Pictures) joined the band. Co-founder Patrice left and guitarist Fabian Regmann was the new skinsman, because WYTCHCRAFT have used a drum-computer on the first demo. At the beginning of 2002 guitarist Markus Kratz (ex-Twilight Pictures) teamed up with the band and now they've got a stable line-up. But not only a lot has changed in the line-up. In opposite to the first demo the sound has become heavier and straighter as one can hear on the two new studio tracks and the three recorded live-tracks. There's a bigger dynamic in all songs and they have focused more on remarkable songs. There's still a huge Candlemass influence in all tracks and especially Kai's voice is giving the songs an epic and dramatic touch. I think, that WYTCHCRAFT are on the best way, although I still miss something in their music. But this is their second demo and if they are writing songs with stronger riffs they will be something you can count on. For more informations check out the WYTCHCRAFT homepage. Recommandable for all fans of heavy epic Doom!