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WORSHIP (Last Vinyl Before Doomsday ...) LP

Yezz, this is the dagger, that slits all hippie stoner rock faggots' silly smiling faces! Never since the early days of ESOTERIC has there been a formation such as WORSHIP, to embody the term DOOM in it's fullest mourning splendour! This German/French two-piece invites you to an unconvenient journey into the deepest abyss of (in)human agony, pain and depression to fuck up your mind on the verge of dementia.This is their 1999 "Last Tape Before Doomsday..." Demo now re-released on LP by Belgium Painiac Records. Although sides A & B both only share 2 songs, the playing-time lasts around 45+ minutes. That also gives you a hint of what to expect musically. Painfully slow rythms, making most of today's (and past!) Doom bands sound like hectically fast Grindcore acts. Above that, there are riffs, melodies and acoustic pieces creating an atmosphere, that seems not to be of this world anymore. Generally the whole vibe is really like floating away with the music, leaving any rational thought behind.

Also those special calm parts add this extra little bit and are making the heavy dynamics sounding more brutal. The overall production is far from polished and accessible, which fits definitely to the depraved song material. The vocals range from spoken word passages to the deepest of growling, where the latter is predominant over the record. Admittedly I'm usually not too fond of growls, but here it works out supreme, spitting out lyrics in German, French and English, dealing with the darkest of solitude and depression.There was also an album planned already with the appropriate title of "Doom", but if that'll ever see the dark of day is questionable, as "The Voice Of Armageddon" aka Fucked-up Mad Max of WORSHIP decided to voluntarily leave this rotten planet in late June of last year 2001 and nobody knows exactly how far the recordings were actually finished for that particular LP. In the meantime I suggest to anyone out there, being into the slowest and most despondent music imaginable to get hold of WORSHIP's "Last Vinyl Before Doomsday ..." LP !! You gotta hurry-up, though, as the album is limited to 400 copies only..."OUR KULT IS SAD BUT THE WORSHIPPERS WILL NEVER DIE ALONE !!" For label contact mail to:

(Opolus (XXXVII AS))