During the last year WOOLY MAMMOTH have shared the stage with Place Of Skulls, Internal Void or Black Manta to name a few. They have received a good reputation for these gigs, but they aren't playing in the same league. But with this debut, it's obvious to hear, that they are trying to work out an own identity. The roots of this band are in the Indie/Hardcore scene and the vocals reminding me to COC bassplayer Mike Dean, and his project Ninefinger. Some riffs could have also been from the "Deliverance" album, but WOOLY MAMMOTH have captured an own vibe. The tracks are dynamic and very heavy and have something like a broken vibe. It's hard to describe this special desperate atmosphere of "Ten Ton Baby". The title-track appeals with devastating doom-laden riffs and the same goes for the slow-rolling "Six Hundred Pounds of stolen Trucker Speed". Last one "Elm Hall" sounds like a wrecked heavy Rock'n'Roll number and "Crying Dog" is close to the above mentioned project of Mike Dean, named Ninefinger. WOOLY MAMMOTH is a promising new band with a lot to offer and I'm looking forward a full-length release. They are coming from Washington DC, maybe that's one of the reason for their talent, but I'm not quite sure. Order this "baby" directly from UNDERDOGMA RECORDS and visit the WOOLY MAMMOTH homepage.