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This is the solo project from Norrsken's songwriter and guitarplayer Magnus Pelander. Together with some other musicians he recorded this dedication to Roky Erickson and Bobby Liebling. On the a-side you find "No Angel Or Demon", which exactly sounds like a unreleased Roky Erickson tune mixed up with an early Pentagram vibe. For me as a huge fan of both I like it . The guitarsound and vocal-style is also very close to Roky Erickson and if this single wasn't meant as a tribute WITCHCRAFT aren't far away from a rip-off. But a good one! On the other side you can listen to "You Bury Your Head" and this could be a '73 Pentagram track. Very melancholic and heavy and like on the other track WITCHCRAFT have managed it to capture the early Pentagram vibe. The first 500 copies are coming in blue vinyl and with a free postcard, so I give you the advice to get a hold of this very fine collector's item. The price is only 5 US $ or 5 Euro and you can order it directly from the label Primitive Art Records.