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If you think that everything has been said and done in the world of rock, than you don't know WILDILDLIFE from San Francisco, USA. Maybe their mothers have been taken so much mushrooms and other psychoactive substances at Haight-Ashbury in 1967, that a lot of that stuff has been pumped through the umbilical cord while the members of WILDILDLIFE were still growing in the womb. Some years later when they formed this band, there was still a huge dose of that brain stimulating mixture in their nerve cords, so that the only result of their first recordings under the name WILDILDLIFE could only be such an indescribably mind-blowing album like 'Six'. Seriously, this band adds a new level to terms like 'progressive' or 'psychedelic' because they don't care about any musical boundaries. Ok, that doesn't sound entirely new, so I will state this more precisely. One will find a lot of well-known musical styles in 'Six', but the band's radicalness and cleverness in connecting all this parts together is extremly inventive and eccentric.

'Magic Jordan' begins like a psychedelic track from the 60's, but escalates into a very psychotic, unresting mood while the songs sounds more and more like something from the 90's, before it goes back into the trippy opening theme with a lot of percussion, reverse loops, mystical voices and much more. For me personal this 18 minutes long track is the cell nucleus in the living world of 'Six'.'Whooping Church' is completely different and would fit on Naked City's album 'Absinthe, which sometimes rings like the dance of insects. 'Kross' is a weird, heavy bastard that sounds as if The Stooges would collide with early Die Kreuzen, while noise rockers Unsane throw in some sludgy riffs. Once again the band shows their talent on interlacing brutality with beauty. The last song 'Nervous Buzzing' lives up to its promise. Opened with a loud buzzing it turns into a heavy hitter, before wild guitar orgys and ethereal voices lead the listener into some sort of 80's pop-rock bombast. 'Six' is a manical ride through seven tracks that are performed with a lot of virtuosity and insanity. Very strange, but how boring would it be in the world of rock without a band like WILDILDLIFE? Blazing stuff.