WARHORSE (I Am Dying) 7"

Two unreleased cuts from one of the heaviest US bands, released in the Southern Lord singles club. I won't lose any words about this mighty and devastating band, and everyone who digs their sound will love this collectors item. "I Am Dying" is a typical and good WARHORSE song with all their fine trademarks, and it seems as if this song hadn't made it on the album. On the flipside, you can listen to "Horizons Burn Red" and due to this track, this 7" is a must have! Maybe it's one of the most downtuned and crushing tracks of this ultra-heavy three-piece machine. So what about the next album, guys? Visit the WARHORSE homepage for the last infos about them. One thing at last...don't be confused with the label sticker. This single must be played on 33 rpm, not on 45!