WARHORSE (As Heaven Turns To Ash...) 2LP/CD

Devastating and ultra-heavy riffs, slow and downtuned with some interesting grooves and the use of extreme dynamics between quiet and loud, that are some words to describe the music of WARHORSE. Some rays of light are shining through this massive and dark sound. The vocals are in a early-CATHEDRAL vein and especially the low-end bass reminds me to WINTER. SLEEP ( "Holy Mountain" period) is another band I like to mention, because WARHORSE use the same kind of grooves in songs like "Black Acid Prophecy". I think, that the band has progressed a lot since the first 7"´s and this album shows them in one of their finest moments. The track "Lysergic Communion" was released before and here you find it in a "shorter" version. You most know that short in the meaning of this music means, that nearly all of the nine songs are over nine minutes. And WARHORSE are knowing how to keep a song interesting in this time. The small instrumental-tracks within "As Heaven Turns To Ash ..." enriches the dark ambience of this album. Together with a small 70´s influence this band has created a beautiful and brutal album with interesting contrasts. Gladly, SOUTHERN LORD REC. have released this album also as a 2 LP-set and on CD, so if you really into to Doom order this album from the SL website. For more informations about WARHORSE go to their website.