WALLRUS (The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky) CD

Due to the name and cover-artwork, I expected some sort of heavy blues rock from this Dutch band, that was founded back in 1999. And, yes: it's heavy blues rock time again! But WALLRUS have created an album, that offers more than just the same old formula, and this four guys have added a modern edge to their sound. So, this isn't your next retro-package, but more an updated version of the good old heavy blues rock. Especially Soundgarden is always on my mind while listening to this disc (just listen to the opener "No mistake" f.e.!) , and I really like the way, how this band had combined decent rock music with traditional roots. A song like "Blue tales" could've been from the late 60's, and it's one of my personal faves here, especially 'cause R. Rietdijk is also playing the harmonica. This is pure heavy blues with a powerful groove, and one can feel all the passion the band had put into this song.

But then here are cuts like "Charlaine" or "In my pocket", which have not much in common with classic 70's rock and are good examples for the band's sensibilty to integrate modern elements to their sounds. And with the word 'modern', I don't talk about samples or whatsoever, but more about the way the band had structured their songs. Ok, among the eleven tracks are a few ones, that are a bit to average for my taste, but more than half of the tracks are very promising, due to clever song ideas, a well-sounding production and a fat and fuzzed-out bass tone are making this good album complete. Thanks to Freebird Records for re-releasing this album, because it was nearly impossible to find a copy of this album, when it had been released on the band's own label Rock-Music.nl in late 2003. Even though this is no spectacular album, it should please retro-freaks as well as people, who are looking for a diverse and passionate heavy rock album. Get ready for WALLRUS' slusher blues rock!