WALL OF SLEEP (Overlook The All) MCD

I've mentioned this band before in the Super Natural review, because this is the next band, which emerged out of the ashes of Hungarian Doom band Mood. "Overlook The All" contains three own compositions and a very nice cover-version of the Sabbath classic "The Wizard". WALL OF SLEEP are playing traditional melodic Doom, with all the trademarks you expect from this genre. There are charismatic clean vocals, passionate heavy downtuned riffs and on the title-track, they shed an atmosphere like old Count Raven, mid-period Revelation and the whole shebang, but there's more. There's nothing devastating or sinister in WALL OF SLEEP's sound, and they are sometimes very close to Mood, when they were more inspired by Down and COC.

The band got still a good hand for catchy groovy melodies, as in "Life Lies Low", my personal fave of this MCD and "Hands Of Dust" could be co-written by Scott 'Wino' Weinrich, again with a strong NOLA influence. This is a solid debut, and although it contains no surprises for me, I like to recommend it to every fan of heavy doom-laden music. Let's look forward the full-length. You can order this MCD from PsycheDOOMelic Records and take a look at the WALL OF SLEEP website for the latest news.