WACKOR (Methanolid) CD

Apart of the heavy scene, Hungary is still a blind spot on my musical map. But some months ago Holosonic Music had sent me this promo to expand my musical horizon. At first, what the hell is this for an odd-sounding band-name? I guess, WACKOR is Hungarian what doesn't make it easier to know its meaning! Well, anyway, they formed in 1996 and this is the band's debut that has been released last year 2004. WACKOR's sound is a mixture of Prong, Helmet and late-Metallica, and although the band's abilities are promising and they know how to write solid songs, it's not the kind of music I used to listen nowadays. And for the case of becoming sentimental, I better listen to one of my old Prong records. At least, a fat production here would have been more helpful, but so "Methanolid" doesn't inspire or impress me in any ways, and those who are interesting in discovering unknown East-European metal bands should try this one! I still prefer Hungarian bands like Wall Of Sleep or Stereochrist...