The new label PsycheDOOMelic Records, founded by Mark of Psychedelic Fanzine appears on the scene with its first release, the debut full-length of the Swiss/German three-piece VOODOO SHOCK. The band received a lot of attention with the demo-CD and numberless gigs in the past. After some changes in the line-up, guitarist and singer Uwe Groebel (ex-Naevus) had now build a stable line-up. One of my first impressions is, that the album could have been released back in 1993 on Hellhound Records, what is an total plus for me. The album is packed with influences of gods as Unorthodox, Revelation, Internal Void, and of course the Wino-school or Victor Griffin. Great names, but VOODOO SHOCK have deserved it. The excellent hard-driven opener "Fountain Of Freedom" is closer to Spirit Caravan, while other tracks are more Obsessed- like, as the beautiful and melancholic "Living In Paradise" . Another influence is the mid-90's Cathedral-sound as the heavy grooving "Amazing Fire" shows. But VOODOO SHOCK have given this influences an own signature and gladly, Uwe Groebel isn't on a Wino-clone dead-end street.

His kaleidoscopic way of playing ranges from heavy bulldozing riffs to melodic soulful guitarwork and everything is focused on remarkabale songs. The bass pumps out one solid line after the other, while the drums are played with the right heavy punch. There are very slow songs as the 11+ minutes epic tune "We Cry" or the emotional Moody Blues cover "Nights In White Satin", what gives me the impression that this song was a Doom song, ever.This is a very emotinal album, and one of the greatest positive surpises of the year 2002, that's nearly over. None of the ten included tracks isn't full of inspiring surprises, and VOODOO SHOCK have created an album that strictly follows the roots, without ending up in being just a lame Doom-band. And it grows with every listening. Highly recommandable! You can order it from the PsycheDOOMelic website and check out the VOODOO SHOCK website. Don't miss the band at the Doom Shall Rise Festival in Febuary 2003!