I know, that it's unusual to review a promo after the release of the official debut album, but in this case it's absolutley necessary. For those of you, who aren't familiar with the sound of VOODOOSHOCK, please check out the album review. This four tracker was released, as the title says, in 2001 with a different line-up than on the self-titled debut. Only VOODOOSHOCK founder Uwe Groebel is still part of the band. Three of the four tracks are on the full-length album, too, but there's one song, that hasn't found the way on it. I talk about the excellent cover-version of "Patra", originally written by Dave Chandler and everyone who's into St. Vitus knows that it has been released on the "V" album.

The here presented version is a true hommage to this undying sad monolith, and the VOODOOSHOCK version isn't worser than the original. Ok, Uwe voice isn't as strong and charismatic as Scott 'Wino' Weinrich's one, but that's no real problem, because Scott's voice is simply unique and outstanding. The other songs are "Showtime", "Amazing Fire" and "Living In Paradise" and, as I've mentioned before, there's no difference to the album version. What I also like about this promo is the rougher and dirtier production, as on the album, but still very powerful in the same moment. So I like to give you the advice to order this promo as soon as possible, because I guess it's limited. You can buy it directley from Psychedoomelic Records or visit the VOODOOSHOCK homepage.