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VOODOOSHOCK (Marie's Sister's Garden) CD

Four long years have been gone, since the latest release from one of Germany's most outstanding Doom bands. During that time, VOODOOSHOCK-mainman Uwe Groebel installed a new rhythm-section and found such a solid duo in person of Claus-Peter Harnisch and Ingmar Petersen, who are also playing in their own two-man band Beehoover. Than, VOODOOSHOCK did join Exile On Mainstream Records and at least they entered the studio and recorded eleven tracks, which became the new album. The entire result is really amazing, and it shows this heavy power trio from their strongest side. One of the reasons for that progression is the powerful and heavy production, as well as the variety of the new material. Well, the sound is still deeply rooted in Doom, but comparable to Place of Skulls' new album 'The Black Is Never Far', VOODOOSHOCK have added a slight progressive edge to their heavy sound, without losing their obvious influence from as, for example, The Obsessed.

The band rules their territory, no matter if the tracks are slow crawling like black molten tar ('You don't need to fear death' is only one fine example...!) or if they enter up-tempo regions such as with 'Truth' or 'I need a rest', where they also know to surprise with a classic Heavy Metal part. Despite the real crisp and heavy guitars, it's also the depth of emotions, which are making this album to an extraordinary release. They are sending the listener through a bath of melancholic feelings, without leaving him alone in the dark and cold, and Uwe Groebel's remarkable voice fits perfectly into this dark shimmering sonic elegance. Just listen to the majestic sounding 'Warm knives cut deeper', with it's bluesy Sabbath-ish moments, and probably you can understand my enthusiasm. In these trendy, fast-changing times VOODOOSHOCK are a timeless example of heavy, dark, metallic music and everyone, who loves bands like The Obsessed or Place of Skulls, should check out 'Marie's Sister's Garden' immediately. Highy recommandable!