Over the last years I've noticed the development of a strong sludge-scene in the UK. A Horse Called War, Lazarus Blackstar, Agent Of The Morai, or The Abominable Iron Sloth are just a few examples for some of the most promising bands. But there are, of course, also some groups which still need some time, until they have really generated an interesting sound. VOLITION, who deliver here their debut on Totalrust Music belong to this bands. Indeed, they have some massive downtuned riffs, which are close to early Grief, but the vocals kill my interest only after a few songs. Vocalist David Hodge and bassist Mark Burns are both responsible for the singing, and while one is sounding like a tortured grizzly bear, the other guy is trying to build a contrast with his psychotic high-pitched screaming. The execution is solid, but I've heard all this in a more convincing way before. I can't help, but after a while the singing only sounds funny to me, tough the riffs and the slow pace of almost every song do unfold their depressive impact very soon. The powerful and filthy production, mixed and mastered by Bri Doom (Lazarus Blackstar) is also effective, so that this could be a good start for a new hopeful band, execpt for the vocals which are a pain in my neck and the reason is not because they are too extreme. For my taste, they are plain boring. Maybe next time… we'll see….