The name of this Italian band always reminds me to Hawkwind, although they never had written a song entitled "Void Generator", but nevertheless here are a few similarities between both bands. VOID GENERATOR plays rock, which is psychedelic at times, and they use analog synth and a theremin, but the four included songs are very different from each other. The thunderous opener "Sidal Connection" is a heavy bluesy slab, based on spacey effects, but "Blues Ky" kind of sounds more than British indie-rock. "Electric Treatment" is a curious cross between thrash metal-like riffs and early Pink Floyd, while "Suite #2" makes me think about my Sonic Youth records, although the vocals and the theremin have nothing in common with Lee Thurston's band. In the middle of this epic song is part of pure psychedelic, what doesn't make it easier for me to write this review. Well, it's obvious that this four guys are talented musicians, but is looks as if they have so much ideas that they don't know which direction they should take. But this is the first effort, and it's always more interesting to listen to a band who tries something on their own, instead of just repeating their record collection.