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VOID GENERATOR (Phantom Hell And Soar Angelic) CD

Italy's VOID GENERATOR were never easy to categorize. I can clearly remember the first time back in 2004, when I received their first self-titled EP. Already at this time the band draw influences from a broad range of different musical styles. The spectrum ranges from heavy 1970's bluesrock to British indie rock to psychedelic rock. In any case, VOID GENERATOR didn't belong to the emerging flood of retro rock bands. Six years have gone by and suddenly I found the new album in my mailbox, released by Phonosphera Records. Now, since I never had the chance to listen to their first full-length 'We Have Found The Space', I was particularly curious about 'Phantom Hell And Soar Angelic'. Just like then it's still not easy to classify VOID GENERATOR, even tough the psychedelic elements have noticeably increased. Moreover, the band has really grown together and has developed considerably. Hats off!

The album consists of three epic tracks clocking in at a running time between thirteen and eighteen minutes, including a hidden bonus song that is almost twenty-three minutes long. That probably sounds exhausting and boring, but fortunately this is not the case. In fact, it's quite the opposite. While the opener 'Message From The Galactic Federation' reveals the hard rocking side of their music and shows a slight similarity to the best songs of Queens Of The Stone Age, the remaining three tracks transport the listener into the realm of trippy space rock.

Even if there are a few moments that evoke memories of mid-1970's Pink Floyd, VOID GENERATOR run their own mind-blowing agenda. The arrangements are always fascinating and well thought out. Even the never-ending guitar solo in the last hidden track isn't annoying. All these components fit together very well and the massive production emphasize the strengths of VOID GENERATOR. 'Phantom Hell And Soar Angelic' is a mesmerizing, cinematic, heavy album where you can simply forget your daily troubles. It didnt take too long for the listener until one is absorbed by all the different sounds and the spaced-out atmosphere. It really is music you can sit down and take a trip on, with or without any illegal substances. This is certainly worth a properly modified listening session at substantial volume. Excellent!