That`s very very untypical music for the Cosmic Lava, because of the fact that you doesn't find one heavy riff on it. This album contains only one long trip ( 73:52 min.). This musical journey is filled with poetry about a dying guru which inspires a young caterpillar for her further life. A lot of musicians , that are fronted by Vine Sweetland (one of the most recognized names in the Californian spoken word scene) are playing forty different instruments like Tablas, Sitar, Tambura and a lot of other instruments from different continents. It's very psychedelic and this trip reminds me to early 70's Space or Artrock bands, but like I said before this is no Rock album. The form of poetry you can hear on classics like HAWKWIND's "Warrior On The Edge Of Time".

But that's only a small term to describe this musical journey. The music is very relaxed and it sounds more like a session with all the different instruments, but inside the booklet the song is undertitled in 27 parts, but that's only important for the story behind the music, I think. The music is ok, I think but the poetry isn't my cup of tea in some moments. Aside of the Eastern instruments, you can hear some piano parts, acoustic guitars etc. In those moments the song changes more into a Folk direction and so this album is like a psych-version of World Music. So, if you're open-minded enough you should give this disc a try, maybe if you need a break in these fast times. For more informations contact ZEMIRA