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VIBRAVOID (Minddrugs) CD

I think, there is no need to talk about the qualities of VIBRAVOID any more. During the past twelve years, they have firmly established themselves in the psychedelic rock scene and are among the best bands in this genre that Germany has to offer. VIBRAVOID has been cranking out releases over the last decade, but 'Minddrugs' (released via Sulatron Records in 2011) is maybe the best thing I've heard 'em do yet. VIBRAVOID manoeuvre their way through asteroid belts, black holes and quasars with fuzz-soaked guitar riffs, spinning sonic f/x, and vocals that come from another galaxy. Here, we have definitely the perfect combination of 1960's psychedelia and 1970's space rock.

In addition, it is an album that retains a core of rock 'n' roll craftmanship yet, when it delves into the otherworldly, the listener is still hearing a rock 'n' roll band or, more precisely, an extremely trippy rock band. Nevertheless, 'Minddrugs' is a very focused affair which is further evidence that VIBRAVOID are without a doubt a master of their mind-expanding profession. Thus it is also no miracle that this album is never just one-dimensional. The first cut 'Seefeel' is deeply ingrained in the 1960's, whereas 'You Keep On Falling' stands proud to its Hawkwind roots. A closer look reveals that this track (as well as 'What You Want') also seems to be influenced by Robert Calvert's Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters.

With the last song 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun' (this is, of course, a cover version...), VIBRAVOID completely lose the connection to all earthly things. I have never been a fan of Pink Floyd, but this song never fails to impress me. I must admit, however, that I like VIBRAVOID's version more than the original, although it is very close to the original song. Perhaps it is because of the fact that 'Minddrugs' in its entirety sounds very refreshing and dynamic. There's a rawness below the surface that suits the included six tracks so well. Enough lamenting: Definitely worth checking out if you like very good music. Buy this album. More importantly, see them live if you ever get a chance.