VAVA KITORA (Prithivi Mandragoire) CD-R

Because of the cover design, one could suppose that this is a metal band, but VAVA KITORA have absolutely nothing in common with loud and screaming guitars. The members of this Japanese band are Sachiko and Yama-Akago, two female vocalists, who are also playing different instruments like ocarina and bouzouki. They also add some electronic sounds to their music, which are hard to describe. 'Prithivi Mandragoire' consists of two songs, ranging in length from 9 to 22 minutes, and they take the listener on a mystical journey into the dephts of the subconsciousness. I haven't heard something like this for a long time, and the dark psychedelic illustration on the disc as well as the album title describe the music much better than any words. This are no kitschy hippie-sounds, because the music is much too dark for it. Of course, here are a few similarities to the early ambient recordings of Tangerine Dream or the pre-industrial sounds of Cro-Magnon, but nevertheless VAVA KITORA have created a very individual occult-drenched sound.

Both songs are seamless connected together and start very quiet and increase the volume with every minute. The vocals have not much in common with a classic style of singing, because it's more like a whispering and soft howling, who create a damn intense mystical mood. It's hard to describe the countless background sounds, but they perfectly are molten together with the voices to one organic unit. I'm sure, that this music will unfold an overwhelming effect during a walk in the woods at midnight, but even without a surrounding like this you can't deny the hypnotizing effect. I like this release, although it would've been nice if the complete running time would've been longer. Once again, the Japanese label Deserted Factory prove a good taste in unconventional and unpredictable music. VAVA KITORA isn't made for the masses, and it's good to know that music like this still exists in this trendy times.