This is the first (?) demo of a new US-band, which are playing heavy rock, mixed up with some kind of metal vocals. Not every of the included five tracks convinces me, and especially the vocals are far away from being powerful or charismatic. For me, it's the weakest thing in the complete sound, but I must admit that I had listen to worser vocalists in the past. Another advice, is that they need stronger riffs and better songs for my taste. There are a few nice heavy riffs ("Endless Crusade" or "Lost in the Darkness"), and if they choose the right path the result could be much better like this. And if a band writes five or six minute long songs, but they haven't enough clever ideas for it, then you mostly bore out the shit of the listener. I guess, that this guys have a lot of fun, while playing in their rehearsel space or before their friends, but if VALKYRIE are aiming to put their feet on the map of heavy rock, it's better to practise a year more. Maybe next time, guys. For interest, please vist the band's homepage.